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The Veterans’ Digital Cyber Academy™ enables veterans from any military background to learn and develop REAL hands-on cyber skills and get recognised by employers for cyber security jobs.

The academy launched with a cohort of 200 in April 2018 and was so popular that the second cohort of 500 was kicked off in June.

The third cohort of 15,000 is soon to be launched.  Watch this space and follow us on twitter!

What people are saying

Former Captain, Army

“Identifying, developing and measuring practical cyber security skills is the great challenge for all companies today. The Immersive Labs approach is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in this space: scalable, agile and appropriate to the way a new generation learns. It has the potential to disrupt and transform this crucial market."

Robert Hannigan, Ex Director GCHQ

6 months ago I began a conversation with Google, two weeks later I met the Google Hiring Manager at the TechVets launch (March 2018). Three months after those conversations I secured a role at Google. The tech sector isn’t a common pathway for many veterans, but TechVets provided me with a forum, network and a belief that transitioning to tech was the right way forward following my military service. Persevere, hard work will equal success."

Huw Morgan, Google, Ex Royal Marines Officer

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for accepting me into the Veterans Cyber Academy and to give you an update. I have completed a number of the labs provided by immersive and have gained skills and confidence in areas I never expected. This lead me to apply for a role in cyber that I never thought I would have the skills for and I have been successful!"

Captain, Army (Retd)

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a bridge for veterans and service leavers into cyber security and technology sector.

The 900,000 working aged veterans and 15,000 service leavers a year have the skills to shape the future of our digital economy and support the security and prosperity of the UK.

Only 4% of veterans are working in tech and cyber. This is 20% lower than non-veterans (for female veterans this figure is 50% lower!).

TechVets creates new opportunities for ‘tech-curious’ veterans through partnerships.

If you are still serving, leaving the military or a veteran interested in cyber, then we would love you to join the TechVets community.

Get involved

Veterans and Service Leavers

  • Join the next Cohort

    To benefit from vocational cyber training and job opportunities

  • Join the community

    Join a community of your peers transitioning into Tech and Cyber


  • Hire veterans from the Academy

    Hire a veteran with proven cyber capabilities


  • Help our mission

    Providing resources for the community

  • Host an event

    Build the community with networking events



General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE

Former Commander of Joint Forces Command


General Sir Richard Barrons served as Commander Joint Forces Command, one of the six "Chiefs of Staff" leading the UK Armed Forces until April 2016. He was responsible for 23,000 people worldwide and a budget of £4.3Bn, delivering intelligence, Special Forces, operational command and control, all surveillance, reconnaissance and information systems and communications, operational logistics, medical support, and advanced education and training across the Armed Forces.

An artillery officer, his military career included leadership from Captain to General on military operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – often as part of US-led coalitions and in NATO. He is President and Colonel Commandant of the Honourable Artillery Company, a Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI, and a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.


Mike Butcher M.B.E.


Editor-at-large of TechCrunch, Mike has been named one of the most influential people in European technology by various newspaper and magazines.

Founder of the annual Europas Conference & Awards, the charity Techfugees, former advisor to UK government on tech startup policy.


Peter Connolly

Toro Risk Solutions

Peter served for 12 years as an infantry officer and completed tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Brunei, India, Belize, Northern Ireland, Kenya and Somalia. On leaving the service Peter worked in the security industry and a software firm before establishing Toro Risk Solutions, which provides physical, personnel, and cyber security services to private and institutional clients.

Major (retd), Founder and CEO of Toro Risk Solutions.


Euan Crawford


Euan has worked in Corporate Finance and Tech fundraising for over 10 years in the UK and emerging markets. Euan is a qualified Chartered Accountant who focuses on de-risking investment opportunities. Euan served in Iraq with the Army Reserve and is passionate about supporting veterans' journeys into industry.

Euan is the CEO of Cepient and an Advisor to QuantSpark.


Mark Milton

Amberlight Partners

Mark is a service design specialist who has worked with clients across the public and private sectors including: Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony, BBC, Channel 4, UK Home Office, Cabinet Office.

CEO and Co-founder of Amberlight Partners, Co-Founder of the International UX Partners IUXP.


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